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Once we have developed the algorithms it is time to implement them in the customer’s PLC system.

Ultimately the gathered information is converted into PLC code, ready to run on the customer’s PLC system. The finished code can either be produced manually or generated automatically from a Controller Model that is developed during the model-based design process.

Manual implementation

Our engineers have extensive experience of conventional PLC code implementation for a variety of systems. This work involves everything from software architecture to motion control.

Automatic code generation

One of the biggest advantages of model-based design is that production code can be generated automatically from a Controller Model. Ensuring that the generated code is good naturally requires a lot of work on the models and on the settings and adjustments that can be made before the code is generated. This work includes, for example, defining calibration constants, optimizing the generated code for the target hardware, integrating custom code in the model and integrating the generated code in the existing code base.

At Combine we have long experience of developing processes for automatic code generation, for example in modelling standards, version management and TLC scripts for Simulink models. Our engineers have experience of working with PLC Coder, to generate PLC code, as well as Embedded Coder and TargetLink, to generate C code.

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